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Household Rubbish Collection

From £12.00

Need a rubbish collection from your home? Look no further.

Simply book a collection and place your household waste sacks outside on your chosen date, and we'll take care of the rest.

  • £15 for up to 5 sacks
  • £12 for a wheelie bin

You'll be pleased to know that we send absolutely nothing to landfill. Instead your wonderful waste will be turned into renewable energy to power businesses and households. Hooray! 

This service is currently only available for postcodes within the M25.

COVID INFORMATION - Self-isolating households should securely double bag used personal waste such as tissues, and used cleaning cloths, and keep the bag separately to all other rubbish for three days. These bags should not be opened or tampered with, for example by children or pets. After the 72 hours, residents can place the bags in their external bins for collection. All other household waste can be disposed of as normal.