Home 50L PPE waste disposal box (inc. free collection)

50L PPE waste disposal box (inc. free collection)

From £25.00

Need a safe and straightforward disposal solution to PPE waste? Our PPE collections service was designed to do just that.

PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment and includes items like face masks and disposable gloves. To keep your staff and customers protected, PPE should be handled separately to other waste streams.

Visitors and staff simply drop any used masks or gloves into one of our self-contained PPE boxes.  As part of our dedicated PPE collection service, PPE boxes and sacks are taken for incineration in line with the Offensive Waste guidelines.

Once it’s full, the box is easily fastened – without the need to touch or remove the sack after filling. Book a free collection by contacting customers@thefirstmile.co.uk and we’ll take care of the rest.