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Kitchen Bins and Caddies

From £10.00

Perfect for small kitchens and large canteens, our range of kitchen bins and caddies are simple, compact and affordable.

These compact water-tight bins are easy to clean, with pedal bin options available too. Suitable for both food and coffee recycling.

These bins require sacks / liners. You must be a customer to order First Mile sacks and arrange collections. Find out more information about our Food Recycling and Coffee Grounds Recycling services and contact us today.

If you're a current First Mile customer, please order through the Customer Portal.

Dimensions (cm):

  • 7L Grey Caddy: 24 (h), 25 (w), 23 (d)
  • 10L Black Pedal Caddy: 32 (h), 20 (w), 30 (d)
  • 40L Black Pedal Bin: 64 (h), 26 (w) 49 (d)