Home Clean & recycle at home - Premium Pack

Clean & recycle at home - Premium Pack

From £90.00

Need to supercharge your green footprint at home? 

Our premium bundle is packed with planet-loving cleaning products and comes with three First Mile RecycleBoxes to help you recycle everything at home.  

You'll also receive a £50 voucher to switch your home energy to a renewable supplier. How's that for turning your home green? 

What's included: 

Delphis Eco Cleaning Products 

  • Multi-Purpose Cleaner (700ml)
  • Kitchen Sanitiser Cleaner (700ml)
  • Glass and Steel Cleaner (700ml)
  • Limescale Remover (750ml)
  • Bathroom Cleaner (700ml)
  • Toilet Cleaner (750ml)
  • Washing-Up Liquid (700ml)
  • Antibacterial Hand Soap (350ml)
  • X Factor Cleaner (700ml)

Recycling Packs

  • 3 x RecycleBox (worth £35 each). Simply fill the box with any items you want to recycle and book a free collection. Visit RecycleBox for more info. 
  • 1 x Mobile phone recycling pack and free collection


  • 3 x Notebooks made from recycled coffee cups
  • 1 x £50 voucher for renewable energy when you switch to First Mile Energy