Introducing First Mile’s new sustainable Fruit and Veg Box delivery service...

Our roots (excuse the pun!) in fruit and veg go all the way back to when our founder Bruce, who grew up on a Yorkshire farm, sold his home-grown spuds and cauliflowers to passers-by on the A684 in Wensleydale! 

And today, as we continue to address the challenges of waste and climate-change, we're excited to offer a service which makes it easy to enjoy delicious, seasonal food - and consume more responsibly.

What makes our fruit & veg boxes different: 

  • Sustainable food: we work closely with farms to provide local and seasonal produce, as well as fair trade-trade staples like bananas

  • Low-emission deliveries: all of our deliveries are made by on ultra-low emission vehicles, many of which are electric

  • Responsible packaging: We use minimal packaging to protect your food in transport. On your next order, we’ll collect any cardboard and plastic packaging and make sure it’s reused or recycled. Nothing goes to landfill. 

Ready to get your hands on your very own fruit & veg box? Order here.